I know so many of you don’t (or probably won’t) care what I’m writing but I need to get it off my chest. 

Last night was the night of my best friends birthday. The best friend who I also live with. We were having a get together at our place and invited everyone from our class which is cool. 

But of course my ex (who is in our class) decided to bring his new girlfriend. I mean, okay cool you’re moving on, no need to rub it in my face. I literally could not stand to be outside where I had to watch him and his new girl being all cute and stuff when he was never like that with me. He kept it hidden. I don’t know what hurts most, the fact he told me he didn’t want a girlfriend or throwing this in my face. 

The inevitable life of a teenage girl right? 

Worst part is that she was such a kind, beautiful person so I didn’t have the guts to sit there and hate her when she was nothing but kind to me. Suppose she probably doesn’t even know about the two of us. 

I have to see his stupid face every day too, great! 

I don’t want to be here anymore.

I don’t wanna pretend like I’m okay.

Because I’m not

And sometimes that’s okay. 

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Niall - Michigan Ford Field, Detroit - 16th August 2014

got my film audition on monday, wish me luck ahh! 

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so I’ve got two productions, a short film shoot and three auditions coming up, am I famous yet? 

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